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Creative & Designing

Concept design

is the art of creating a space that showcases products or services in a visually appealing and engaging way, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales.

3D design

Innovative technology, design elements such as color, lighting, and texture, create a visually stunning experience for making informed purchasing decisions and driving sales.

Graphics design

Designers use typography, color theory, and composition skills to enhance the visual appeal of projects such as logos and posters. Graphic design is essential for modern communication as it shapes the way we perceive products, services, and businesses.

Architecture design

Architecture design combines form and function to create spaces that meet practical and aesthetic criteria.

Furniture design

Furniture design involves the creation and production of functional and aesthetically-pleasing pieces for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Exterior design

Exterior design is the first impression of a building, and it plays a vital role in creating a positive impact.

Coast estimation

Project cost estimation involves obtaining an accurate estimate of the total amount needed to complete a specific project.

Lead Time

Project lead time refers to the amount of time it takes to complete a project from initiation to closure.

Project Plan

A project plan is a roadmap that outlines the goals, tasks, resources, timelines and budget required to complete a project successfully.

Site managment

all aspects of a construction project, maintaining efficiency, safety, quality, and budget. Communication skills, attention to detail, and adaptability are key.

Project Managment

Production & interior

Joinery works

involve the skilled craftsmanship of creating and fitting joints to create strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing structures or furniture.

Glass structure works

Engineers use tempered/laminated glass, steel, and aluminum to create good-looking, durable glass structures. CAD/BIM software aids in improving accuracy and safety.

Stainless steel

Introducing our latest product – heavy-duty stainless steel works! Perfect for durable and long-lasting constructions, with a sleek and modern finish.

Gybsum & Painting

Smooth surfaces are important and achieved by proper wall preparation, which prevents future issues. Gypsum board and painting are vital for functional interiors.


Ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass. A skilled tiler can transform a room and provide a professional finish.


Facade works improve a building’s exterior, including doors, windows, walls, and more. This is critical for a building’s appearance and function. 

Electrical & Mechanical works

installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems,

Fire Fitting & Fire alarm support

Fire fitting refers to the installation of fire protection systems like sprinklers and fire extinguishers. A fire alarm alerts occupants in the event of a fire.


LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas, which is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that can be used for heating, cooking, and transportation fuel.


Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. They diagnose issues, perform maintenance, and ensure safety and efficiency. Strong technical and communication skills are required for client explanations.


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